Does Television look like America

I would say that television looks nothing like America. The manipulative and deceitful tactics used in TV have been around for as long as TV has existed. In the 1950s there was the “American Dream” which usually consisted of a successful white male, an apron wearing white trophy wife and their two always smiling children; both white, one boy, one girl. This alone seems ridiculous by any standards because family comes in all shapes and forms. Some families have one parent, others have two same-sex parents, some siblings are adopted and some babies are born out of wedlock. None of which is portrayed on what was referred to as the American Dream however. Although television has improved over time with capturing a more realistic foundation not much has changed. Marketers still commercialize based on what will sell and they target children mostly in order to make more money. A lot of reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians are overplayed . The actors are often paid to act a certain way when on camera. This tends to be the case a lot of times; when money is being dealt into the picture it can be more persuasive a lot of times when trying to capture a genuine moment. The reason they do this besides the ratings is because a lot of people watch TV to be glamorized and entertained. Even the news in a lot of cases plays fault to this. Fox news for example often plays up the stories or even changes some information in order to persuade a certain demographic or entertain and get more ratings.

Television is very manipulative though and plants seeds in societies minds to create stereotypes and ignorant ideas on what people should look and act like. It is important to be educated in the uses of the media to keep yourself from falling into the trap of it. We live in a nation that primarily consumerism and with the new technologies and having everything as instant gratification. Getting everything without working for it, enables people from having to be critical thinkers. I have no solution for this problem, but I do know critical thinking is the only way to break gender stereotypes.