“Don’t be a Victim. Be a Survivor.”

We do not exist in a world that is fully bad. There are times when the glass is far below half empty, but there is always something else out there to reach onto. If you’re drowning, start reaching. If you don’t reach out then you will drown.

I’ve been sort of aimlessly swimming/drowning on and off for the last few years and fuck, it is not easy to reach for help when your being metaphorically crushed under life’s cruel circumstances, but I do. Like I said if you don’t reach, you’ll drown. Not to say that there aren’t times when it takes a long time for someone or something to reach back…sometimes you have to keep swimming even when your legs are raw and you don’t feel like your getting anywhere. Any amount of effort is better than just drowning.

I’ve been called an inspiration a few times, but I don’t think of myself as someone who does little else than the bare minimum. The only remarkable thing about it, is that I haven’t drowned.

A lot of factors go into my ongoing survival, but the best way to put it are words I borrowed from a friend, “Don’t be a victim. Be a survivor” because that’s what I am, a survivor. And despite life’s best shot of tearing me down I want to survive.


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