I Get To Love You

It’s simple things;

your smile.

The way you fuss about your hair

The way you get kind of annoyed, but you secretly love

when I run my fingers through it in the car.

It’s the little things;

When you pick up my plate

The way you’ll lay with me

When I know you want to be active and out of bed.

The way you tuck me in when I’m grumpy

It’s the big things

The sacrifices you make for me

When i’m sad, when i’m scared, when i’m sick

You are always there.

You take care of me; financially and emotionally.

You support me in every way possible.

You take me places to help me fulfill my dreams.

It’s the things you don’t even notice you do.

The way your love has changed who I am.

The way your arms feel around me when you are asleep.

The way you look at me sometimes when you think I can’t see.

You make me laugh when I want to be mad.

You just understand me like no one ever has

You calm me down, gently, and so lovingly whenever i’m sad.

You are the best medicine I will ever have.

I promise I won’t take it for granted.

Whatever happens; my heart will always be you

I promise.

Never forgotten after we say forever “I dos”

What it means;

That I get to love you.


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