Getting More Than I had Expected.

When you make the serious decision of spending the rest of your life with someone you also have to be prepared for the things that come with it. Your lives are being sewn together. Down the road you share more than just a mortgage, a bed and bills. You are sewing together a family.

When my sister Sara brought my brother-in-law Brian into our lives in this way, he became so much more to me than just the father of my sister’s kids and the man she chose to spend her life with. I have known for some time that he is truly apart of my family and even if (heaven forbid) they go their seperate way later in life, I would always think of him as my brother. Similarly, even though my parents are split I know they don’t think of our cousins and aunts and uncles as people who are no longer apart of the family. Once that bond is formed and the family is intertwined like that, it can’t be undone. Family is Family and that’s the end of it.

I’m starting experience this myself first hand with Alberto’s family. I’m started to learn the different dynamics of my future nieces and nephews and am becoming more and more comfortable with people who I now think of as my sister and brothers. There is very little I would not do for this new family, just as there is very little I would do for the family I have had my whole life. Gloria, George, Jose, Rudy and the families that they have are becoming a bigger part of myself. I love my family and am thankful to Alberto for allowing me to be apart of their lives.

As in any family I can see there faults and their attributes and have my share of frustration with them at times, but I still see nothing negative in this expansion. Gaining more people to love and to be loved by is a blessing. When I marry Alberto I will take his last name and we will one day start a family of our own creation when we are ready for kids. I think it’s a very beautiful part of humanity to join forces in this way. I am so thankful and grateful for all of my family members. My heart has merely expanded to make room for more people.

I wanted to write this post because I am very sincere about the love have for his family and not just his blood relatives either, but the family he has that isn’t related to him also feel like they apart of my life now too.



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