“Something Borrowed” book review


I first read this book in high school and I remember staying up all night starting from the first page and not stopping until I reached the  end. I was 16 when I read this so now being 22 (23 next month) it is understandable that my perspective could change over time.

I really wanted to enjoy the book as much as I did the first time around. I love the movie and watch it quite often, but after reading this story again I understand why in the movie the characters seem so different and I think that’s because in the book it is really hard not to hate them.

I enjoyed this book a lot the first time I read it in high school, but this time around I found that there were a few aspects of Something Borrowed that really bothered me. Obviously Darcy isn’t the best of friend, but I don’t understand why they both like Dex. I understand why the movie is different from the book. He is more sympathetic in the movie, clearly in love, but feels responsible for his mother’s happiness. In the book he’s just an ass whole who can’t admit his feelings and can’t make up his mind. Not exactly the ideal Prince Charming you’d find in a novel like this and I say Prince Charming because Rachel is clearly a damsel in distress. She has her feelings all worked up throughout the story for this cheating bastard.

Don’t get me wrong, it was certainly a page turner and very well written, but the take aways I got from it were don’t ever sleep with your best friend’s finance and don’t pine after a guy who just can’t make up his mind. It actually really bothered me that Rachel ends up with him in the end of the book because she deserved a lot better. All relationships are hard and you can’t help who you fall in love with. Emily Griffin made a huge effort to make Darcy an unlikeable character, but two wrongs don’t make a right. And no matter how much you love someone make sure you grow a pair and tell them before you make the commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone.

Again, great book, but it was hard for me to like anyone besides Rachel even after she has sex with her best friend’s finance because she empathetic and it’s hard not to root for her. A lot of bad morals in this story, but a great read if you’re looking for something that will pull you in to the world it resides in.


I guess overall the thing that bothers me most about this book is the actions are so unapologetic and trying to take the work as something that could be true, its hard to stomach that people would treat their loved ones in such a manner. I guess that’s why this quote is so important to me, although it certainly not acted on as a major plot point for the story, but I guess all us mere readers can do is have some common sense and don’t treat the people who are your true friends the way the Character’s in this book do.

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