Milton Behind the Story of Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is definitely a book that I want to read again. I read this book in school first so my review will primarily be a history lesson on why this book became.

It is a book that a lot of people have confused with real events, but I like the concept of having Lucifer have more human nature before the fall. There is so much background of the story as well that made me appreciate the book that much more. Seeing as the book was written during a time when the freedom speech was not a well known practice Milton indirectly used this novel to compare the heavenly revolt against the angels to the English Civil Wars of 1642.

England was divided in the 1640s between two political groups; the Royalists and Parliamentarians.
The Royalists consisted of a group of people who supported King Charles I absolute power.
Milton was among the Parliamentarians who believed that the country should be governed by Parliament and the King’s Power should not be absolute.

Milton was very much politically involved during his time. He stood in strong opposition against absolutists like Richard Lovelace and Thomas Hobbes who were the opposing contemporaries of his time.

After Beheading King Charles I, the Parliamentes set out to have parliament govern the nation, but their plan failed and the monarchy was restored by his son King Charles II.
Milton essentially fell from paradise and was thrown in prison for several years of his life
When he was released he wrote Paradise Lost “in honor of the King”

Milton used “Paradise Lost” as an opportunity to share a political message against the monarchy of England and utilized Lucifer to be the promethean hero who brought consciousness to man.

Of course in a Christian light Lucifer will always be the villain, but in paradise lost he plays the role of the anti-hero
Lucifer, the light bearer who defied the king of heaven, who was damned for attempting to equal god, cursed our 1st human ancestors and thus tainted us forever with the mark of sin. But perhaps this is not so….

When looking at how similar Lucifer is to Milton it can be perceived that Lucifer is a sympathetic character who is trying to give human kind consciousness to the tyrannical rule of God.
The fact that we both fell and that the fall of man is introduced in book I first, the reader is already set up a relation to the protagonist.
In Lines 755-757 a solemn council of demons discuss the next plan of action after being expelled from paradise. This parallels the rule of heaven and its absolute monarchy. Here Lucifer and his followers can be viewed as the ‘roundheads’; supporters of parliament who fought against King Charles I.


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