The “F” Word



The role of a feminist is often misconstrued by the public and reduced down to some pretty degrading stereotypes. Some of the questions that were debunked were at a seminar I attended such as; feminists hate me, feminists don’t believe in marriage, feminists are angry; feminists aren’t feminine etc. All were proved to be false. Three presenters further explicated the role of feminists after the demonstration.

The first speaker was a man; which in my opinion spoke in waves simply because one of the common beliefs about feminists is that they are solely women. Which clearly is not the case. He started his speech with a bit of fire stating that although he had a class during this time he did not find it a good enough reason to not be there. He explained that life acts as a way to present us with a series of sometimes completely logical excuses to not put in the effort to create equality for women. However as long as women are not treated equally there can be no excuse for a person to not act. It impacts us all. He explained that he teaches philosophy, but tries to put in as many female writers into the curriculum as possible. Although he has often been ridiculed for it by his colleagues he finds that women need to recognized as great philosophers in history as well.

The Second speaker spoke primarily on white feminism. She made the audience understand on a more personal level of what white feminism was by using current pop culture events like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Both of which have a lot of voice right now in the media and are considered to be feminist. The problem is that they focus solely on their own problems and forget to branch out to other races and sexual orientations. White feminism is not usually something purposefully done. It is easy to forget about the things that don’t include yourself and since white women are typically privileged in the ideas of an ignorant society; their problems are what are heard

The third speaker was an African American woman who was a previous Aztec and now is working for the LAPD. She spent her presentation talking mostly about police and how they are constantly misunderstood because of the media and how it is on both parts of the civilian and the officer to coexist. Regrettably, I didn’t see how this correlated much with feminists since she didn’t really mention any women, but I suppose that’s just a reminder to me that I still have a lot to learn and feminism is a broad concept.

All three presentations were very different, with three very different people, but that just shows that feminism cannot be branded as any specific topic. There is a lot that goes into being a feminist and working for equal rights goes beyond equal pay and sex. It is up to everyone to act towards a common goal and o stop making excuses to put it off.


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