Three Seconds

*More of a creative musing or a daydream, than a stand alone piece, but I have chosen to write everything that comes to my mind in this place. Even the pieces that don’t quite make sense.


She took a deep breath. She hadn’t expected to see him. She had hoped, selfishly, that maybe he transferred for schools or took a semester abroad, but it was useless. It didn’t matter how many pictures he posted flipping off the camera or how punk he was trying to be, she knew who he really was. She knew his favorite food, she knew his dreams and his fears and she knew that he wasn’t angry or aggressive. She knew so much.

She also knew that he didn’t like that.

He stared at her for a moment. She imagined how she looked to him. She had chopped half of the length of her hair off. She attempted to carry herself higher on campus and supposed she came across as someone rather serious. Certainly not someone who would spend an evening getting shit faced and grabbing his hand as they attempted the worst form of line dancing that had ever been seen.

He had a petite pierced pin up looking girl on his arm.

She couldn’t help, but give him an eye brow lift at the sight of her. She wasn’t his type. He glared at her.

Getting to truly know someone was a two way street and he knew her just as well as she knew him. She didn’t really like that either.

Three seconds she looked directly into his eyes. He usually looked away, but he held her gaze.

Three seconds of silent communication in that hall before time picked back up.

I miss you.

No prejudice, no anger no slamming doors. Just Silently screaming those three words that were the only words left to say at this point.

She released her breath and continued walking. The pierced pin up, oblivious that the man attached to the arm she was clawing at even knew the woman walking further and further away from him.

Neither of them looked back. They both kept moving forward. Appreciating the three seconds they had together.


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