The Word “Always”


Rowling’s secret that Alan Rickman took to the grave was “the meaning behind always” A question like that took someone who must have been a brilliant, special man to truly understand the meaning. Further proof that J.K. Rowling is a genius.

I still struggle myself to find the meaning of Always, but I am at a passé. I do think that the people who understand “Always” are the most successful to find great, maybe tragic like Snape’s, but great love.

A few extra thoughts if the author does find the time to read this; I wonder, if Always translates into what love really is. It is not necessarily romantic, platonic or often mistaken for hate, but if it is instead a love that just simply is. A person who does not have a label necessarily, but someone who would give unconditional love to another human being that would no waver in its devotion, nor would it ever change with the changing seasons of the types of relationships.


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