The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Today was a bit rocky for me. I have suffered from health issues for about a year now; both mental and physical and today I went back to university. I was very anxious and during the moment I wanted to be anywhere, but campus. However, as the day progressed I noticed a few things that changed my perspective. Yes, I was anxious, but there were things that happened today that earlier I took for granted.

Both of my friends sat next to me in class. My best friend picked me up and took me home and helped me feel better after I had my panic attack. My fiancé made me lunch and tea to help me relax. My best man, who I have known for almost ten years, texted my fiancé to see how he was doing proving that my happiness is more important to him than any feelings for me. My parents talked to me and gave me advice and support about how to deal with the semester. My fiancé agreed to come with me to campus tomorrow to help make things easier for me.

The anxiety and the physical pain is bad and downright ugly, but it is amazing when you are at your weakest how many people step up to take care of you. I know my illness won’t heal overnight, but right now I feel blessed to have such an amazing support system. I still have anxiety, but it feels less scary knowing that there are people who truly love and care about me to help me stay on my feet.

I guess the lesson here, and the reason why I’m posting this, is because no matter how bad things appear to be it’s important to realize that there things to be grateful for even when you find yourself at the bottom. I am may not have the best health right now, but I am loved and that means a lot right now.




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