Justice System

We live in a society where every action we make has a consequence. Whether this consequence is negative or positive depends on the action. If you commit a crime society, takes it upon itself to deliver a consequence depending on the severity of the crime. The justice system is there to not only punish the guilty, but to prevent law-breaking and to protect the innocent. It is important that we have some kind of a justice system because without it, according to the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, people would create havoc and become malicious and selfish creatures. Whether this is true is debatable, but the point remains the same. We must have some kind of justice system and crimes must have a consequence.

What gives a person the right to take another life? What gives a person the right to break a law that is there for the safety of others? What makes them so righteous as to get off the hook without proper consequence? The answer in my opinion should be nothing. There are some criminals who can’t except consequences some how, no matter what it is, its not there fault. This is wrong. If you take someone’s life you are entitled to give up your life. If you drink and drive, your license is provoked. If you damage property you have to pay a fine to fix that property. Our system is set up accordingly to punish the guilty. I don’t think that people should be condemned for their whole lives because of a mistake and I think forgiveness is possible, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be forced to follow up their sentences. After watching “What I want my words to do to you” I did become more sympathetic and open minded towards those who have done us wrong, but there wasn’t a moment when I thought they weren’t exactly where they should be.

There was one moment that really stuck out to me in “What I want my words to do you”. It was during the scene where one woman was talking about her guilt and how it haunted her every day. Being human, of course I sympathized for her. She opened my eyes. When I thought of killer or any other kind of person who commits a crime I became quite stereotypical. It was my former opinion that such a man or a woman would be charismatic, malicious, ugly, jealous and troubled. Now I see there all kinds of different people who are capable of condemning their lives because of a mistake. They aren’t necessarily evil. Or at least not always. My attitude more then anything has changed from this movie towards the women in prison. “What I want my words to you” fully examined four different areas, why women in prison are there, how they feel about it, how they live and what their doing to find forgiveness…I also realized that it is possible for anyone, no matter how smart, how good, or vice versus to make a mistake that consequence with severity. I must repeat that despite my new revelation I believe that these women belong where they are. We must all pay for our consequences if deserved.

Seeing as we live in a country where everything is a democracy I think that the rule “innocent until proven guilty” is sufficient. Likewise one should not be tried without a trial because  without democracy—which is one the key elements that this nation runs on—we have no way of knowing how severe the consequence should be. Our system however, is flawed as is everything created by man. For example should it be allowed that people can get off the hook by technicality or with the excuse of mental health? If their actions are not matched with their consequences then how will they learn that what they did is wrong? It easier for a convicted felon who has let’s say, life in prison for killing another human being to find remorse in redemption. But if one is handed a consequence that doesn’t match their action, what’s to say that they won’t commit it again? There are people who fake being crazy so they don’t have to go to prison…there are people who lie in their testimony and tamper with evidence. I think this can be improved because anyone who commits a crime needs to be punished.

The death penalty should be abolished completely. Not only are we basically saying that human life can be taken away under certain circumstance—which is wrong—were letting the guilty off the hook to easily. There are people who will argue this opinion and disagree with it. I think that perhaps there are certain types of people who don’t deserve to live, like men who rape and kill multiple women, or the man who kills little girls for fun…someone evil who has no hope of finding forgiveness. Despite the fact that these types of people are no more then animals, I don’t think they should be let them off the hook so easily. Let them rot in prison for the rest of their lives. They should be forced to live with what they did. They should have to get up every day and remember what they took away. They should be haunted by their mistakes. It’s the only way that someone that malicious can learn and hope to give something back. One committed offense does not mean that a person will never change. There are people who will never see the light, but as people we need to allow room for hope no matter the circumstances. Without we would fall off the path of grace.

Our justice system may be flawed in some areas, but for the most part it is necessary. There’s always room for improvement. Criminals if truly guilty should not be allowed bail or the opportunity to get off on a technicality. All evidence should be clearly displayed before convicting someone with a severe sentence such as life in prison. There are people out there who believe our justice system has become corrupt and in some ways I would have to agree with this. But I think that the way it should be is that every action should come with a consequence, is necessary. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are or were, if you make a mistake you will have to pay a fine. There should be no favorites or passes. It should be cut throat and a sentence should stick without this perhaps Hobbes would right and people would get out of control.


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