Easter Cutie “poem”


Easter Sunday

For My Nephew: David

By Kayla McCurdy


I remember that day,

You were you were your usual adorable chubby self

Your mom had you dressed for the occasion,

Egg colored socks and a smooth caramel cardigan

You seemed to blend in with the holiday

Almost as if you, David, had been born for this very occasion.


I remember that day,

Can’t quite believe you’re already so big

Your chubby cheeks tell another story than that of a four month premi

No picture in the world would do justice

To what it feels like to kiss that soft face,

Or feel those fisted, slobbered hands


I remember that day,

You were laughing up a storm

We paraded you around the house

A baby boy disguised an egg,

A present from the Easter bunny himself


Your mom took a million pictures of you

Capturing every moment with the family

Through a still glass lense,

Perfection in on a camera.


I remember that day,

We took you and laid you out on white colored sheets

Contrasting with the outfit you wore,

We placed bunny ears by the top of your head,

White-cut out paper for teeth


I remember that day,

Your eyes welled up, moments away from crying


Right before the water works came.

Perfection captured through a camera.


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