What is Ownership?

After taking Political Science and Digital Literature the word owning starts to go in a grey area. How can anyone own anything at this point?

Herbert Spencer spoke of the idea Each man has the right to do what they want with the soil, but that freedom only moves to an extent because that lands is shared with all others living in that area/or country.—His argument is that we cannot actually hold ownership of the land because we can’t own the soil we walk on. It is just a place that we live not something we can hold property to. He says that just because people die on land fighting for ownership doesn’t mean that they own it and neither does having it marked down on a legalized paper because once you die the land is still there, unclaimed. The land can’t be held as private property, but must be shared equally by all men. It is said all this would do is change the “landlord” and still make a property a community or a society as opposed to an individual because he is sharing the property with other people….there other homeowners and people who live on that land that this individual supposedly owns.

In another aspect of ownership one can explore the research of Marshal McLuhan. He believes that although we all a feeling of ownership when it comes to a book, not even the author can truly own a book. I think a lot of this has to do with the idea of modifications (that all ideas and work have been created through something else.) McLuhan further exemplifies this in his book “The Medium is the Massage” by showing that the book is more something that is alive and habit forming for people.



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