Catching a Stereotype

I really appreciate what Springer was trying to do in the piece “Between Girls”. Although I am not personally attracted to the same sex I have family who is and I agree that it can be difficult to accept a personal part of yourself when the world views it strictly behind whispers and closed doors. I thought the line where she said “she must not have believed me, because we had the conversation again and again, the summers blending into one another, our sentences one year merely variations on those of the previous year.” Although this statement wasn’t meant to come off as romantic I felt the familiar relation to when love is unrequited. You remember every line and every moment and it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman who you feel this devotion for. In the end it’s all just love. Simple. I think this is was Springer was trying say. It’s sad that something that is so transparent to me would be so confusing to her just because of the sex we favor. I felt a certain grievance for the girl who struggled with her identity because she had nothing to compare it to. Since homosexuality is frowned upon she didn’t recognize the signs right away and reacted in a destructive manner; kissing Miriam’s boyfriend, having an affair with her father etc. I think if the world were more accepting and people were less ignorant then it would’ve been easier for the main character to face her feelings.

As far as “Self’ goes can I just say that although I am naturally a very private person and never discuss my intimate life with others that I never quite understood why it’s okay for men to talk about masturbation easily and its practically unheard of for woman to do it. There’s a clear line between the sexes when it comes to this matter. It’s weird how the poem filled me with unease and disdain when if it had been a man I would’ve swallowed it more easily and it would’ve been verging on humorous. I really do wonder why that is. Why is it that in society men can get away with open sexuality and women can’t?


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