A Portrayal of Women in The Media

I don’t know about everyone else, and I am not one to assume how other people feel, but I constantly see this on going of pushing women as sex objects in movies, advertisements and on television. I recently watched  a documentary on Netflix called Miss Representation and I found that not only were my observations correct, but the situation was much more manipulative than I had originally believed it to be. I often hear the argument that men and women are equal now and that the work that came with the women’s suffragists need not to be continued. However, when looking at the portrayal of women critically it is arguable that not much has changed. After WWII ended and the men came home 80,000 women lost their jobs. They were manipulated with commercials of ‘The American Dream’ to go back to their homes and take care of their children. Not much has changed. Advertisements often portray what women should look and act like. A women’s worth today because of the media is driven directly from how attractive we appear to be to men. Because of this women grow up struggling and feeling inferior and this is shown by the ratio of men and women in both CEO positions and politics. Not to mention that men are still getting paid more than the average woman.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not a man hater and I do think men are just as pressured by the media as women are to behave in a certain way. they are taught early on the masculinity and power are they key factors to their success. A lot of characteristics such as sensitivity, empathy, and compassion are feminine. Being called a girl still remains to be a huge insult among men causing complexes with them as well.

In all movements there is often a backlash where the problem resurfaces before it gets better and I believe that now is the backlash of the women’s rights movement. The way to fix this problem is awareness.

I hope everyone watches Miss Representation to have their eyes opened with the statistics and facts that show inequality between the sexes.


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