Eat Your Damn Lemons

Have you heard of that old cliche saying, “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”? Well, I have always thought that statement was a little too idealistic. I hope that by saying this I do not come across as a pessimist.
An actor by the name of Tom Hiddelston put it well, “It’s impossible to go through life without experiencing its random cruelty.” And from what I have learned throughout my life this is true. Everyone has a story, everyone has tough things they deal with, loss, disappointment, tragedies, but how we react to these cruelties is what really matters. I don’t really consider myself a buddhist, but I find their belief that the only thing you can control is your own mind and perception to be true.

I have had a rough life from the day that I was born, to having health problems and dealing with mental health issues on top of that. I am often told that I amaze people that I still find reasons to be happy and to want to be alive. It’s simple really. I go to the hospital or someone I care about in my life disappears and it hurts. I feel fear, anger, depression and anxiety just like everyone else. Acceptance to the fact that our world is chaotic is the only absolution to letting go. Forgiveness, gratitude, empathy, and hope are ingredients to a happy life. Even though life does throw a few sucker punches, the shroud of darkness lifts and you are given another opportunity to love and to be thankful. Don’t make lemonade. Not all situations can be salvaged by putting a pretty bow on it. But believe that hardships make you stronger, even if they temporarily break you and if you try you can eat those lemons, accept life’s random cruelties and keep moving.


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